jython compiled class file will show in the project view


I've a project with embedded jython.

When running jython, all .py files will be compiled into .class files.

The class files are generated right beside the source file, so I can't exclude the entire tree.


My question is, is there a way to show the py files without having to see the class files in the Project View ?

I'm using IntelliJ Ultimate latest edition (at the moment 2016.1) with latest python plugin (at the moment 2016.1.145.86)



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You can create a custom Scope that will exclude .class files and enable this Scope for the project view.

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Thanks Serge.

In case anyone is interested.

  1. Create a scope in settings > Appearance & Behaviors > Scopes.
  2. Go back to project view, pull down the dropdown at top and apply that scope.

Took me a while to figure out the second step.


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