Automagically detect and hotdeploy changes in react/js files


We are using IntelliJ IDEA 14.1.6

We are currently setting up development environment for the following technology stack build into a single war application:

JS frontend using react/redux/webpack. Java backend using jersey. Running on Tomcat.

We want to setup the development environment to hot deploy changes to Tomcat.

For the Java layer this can be done using a Run/Debug configuration using the option to deploy an exploded war and telling Intellij to update classes and resources. Similary for the JS layer we can use the webpack-dev-server in combination with react-hot-loader for hot deploying.

So the question is: is there a way we can have the benefit of both?

The closest we have got is using 'webpack --watch' to have webpack autoupdate the js bundle into src/webapp where IntelliJ can pick them up. But IntelliJ is slow to detect the changes and we still have to reload the whole application in the browser to test the changes.

Apparently there should be better support to React in IntelliJ 15. Does this include something of the above?

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I'm afraid, we don't have support for that. A detailed feature request would be appreciated at


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