IntelliJ 13.0.2 Cannot Import PHP project


I am trying to import a php project into IntelliJ 13.0.2. The project consists of php code that extends PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase, in which I am suposed to open project and be able to run the project as a unit test.

I have installed and configured php, pear and phpUnit. I have installed the php plugin (see below specs). When I go to project structure, sdk and try to add new for php, no php in list.

Are there logs somewhere that I am not seeing that may help me figure this out? Any known php problems with 13.0.2? Others on my team use IntelliJ 14 with the same setup and it works properly.




php plug in specs

PHP 5.3/5.4/5.5 editing and debugging, PHPUnit, Smarty and various frameworks support





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There is no PHP SDK configuration in IDEA, you just create a new PHP module on top of the existing sources and there should be PHP interpreter configuration in the module settings.

Certainly, a lot of known issues were fixed since IDEA 13.

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I'll upgrade my IntelliJ to 14, most of the google examples show configuration, but does not align with my settings.


Thanks Serge for responding.




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