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I used to use PHPStorm EAPs with free licenses and contribute to this great project with bug reports and ideas. Recently I decided to take an online mongodb course where python is used and downloaded PyCharm EAP. But surprisingly to run it I have to have existing license! It was overwhelming for me that jetbrains politic for EAP products in inconsistent. Also, I don't understand why I would use EAP builds and struggle with bugs if I have a license for stable version? Don't understand reasons of PyCharm EAP program politic.
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With PyCharm, we do not provide free licenses for minor releases (2.5, 2.6, 2.7), which have fairly short release cycles. For PyCharm 3.0 EAP, we will provide free licenses again.

The reason for using EAP builds of PyCharm is the same as for any other products: getting early access to the features that appear in the new EAP. If you're not interested in the new features, you're welcome to use the stable version.

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