IDEA 2016.1.1 RunConfiguration missing after test run, possibly due to class rename


Using IDEA 2016.1.1.

I renamed a test class, now a run of this test class doesn't appear in the run configuration anymore.  For other test classes this is ok.  Of course I'm not sure it's caused by a rename, but as this only happens with this test class, it might be the case.



Do you mean that drop-down with the run configurations is empty? If you open the Edit dialog for run configurations, do you see it there? If it's there, Save it to make permanent.


It becomes empty when this specific test was ran.  

The test itself is in the drop down menu, although I won't save it as it's not a big deal, only a very minor problem.  I usually run such tests using ctrl-shift-F10.  This is just a report.


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