Odd command + up arrow hotkey change


I must have done this, but i'm not sure how...

On OS X when i use the command + up arrow hot key it does not go to the top line of my console, it does up to one of the tool bars.  

I checked the key maps and command + up arrow is still registered for 'move carret to page top', but i can't find the keymap that is over riding it.


any thoughts?

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Hello Andrew,

With the Default keymap I see that Cmd+UP is registered as Jump to Navigation Bar action:

While Cmd+fn+UP is Move Caret to Page Top:

Please double check.

In any case you can re-map the shortcuts to your best likings.


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Andrey is correct.

Similarly, command-down is mapped to "Jump to Source" by default.

naturally! this text-edit window should have totally different core keybindings than every other text-edit window people interact with a thousand times a day. yes. good decisioning.

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The fix for me was going to Preferences, Keymap, Editor Actions:

  • Move Caret to Text Start (assign this to Cmd + Up)
  • Move Caret to Text Start (assign this to Cmd + Down)

Then removing the other shortcuts when prompted.


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