invalid vcs root mapping after creating new project from existing sources



Every time I do the following procedure, I get the error message popup stating "invalid vcs root mapping":

- open windows terminal

- git clone project

- open intellij idea 15.0.5 community edition

- file -> new -> project from existing sources

- import project from external model -> maven

- root directory: <git clone folder>

   - choosing keep project files in <separate folder>

   - activating all check boxes except(!) "create module groups for multi-module maven projects"

- selecting all profiles

- next, next, ... -> finish


When I click on the "configure" in the popup message, I see the <git clone directory> being grayed out. I click on the plus-sign and add the exactly same <git clone directory", click on apply and save and it is working fine afterwards.

Why is the <git clone directory> grayed out? Appearently the setting is set correctly, because when I add this directory manually, it is working fine.

Is it a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance!

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