IntelliJ quick doc not working on second monitor


Hi folks,

For a while now, i've been having a strange issue with my quick doc where it often would not show the actual java doc/class/etc information. It would just show the tooltip window header, but no information about the class/etc i was hovering over. I always figured it was something i had configured incorrectly and anytime i tried to fix it, i never had any luck. I've just now realized that the issue is not that quick doc doesn't work at all, it's that quick doc only works on my native macbook screen. If I'm using intellij in another desktop on my extended monitor, the quick doc does not work. I've pasted some screenshots below to better show what i mean. For reference, I'm using OS X El Capitan (10.11.2) on MacBook Pro (Retina 15" Mid-2014) and IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate (15.0.3 Build #IU-143.1821).

IntelliJ quick doc on native macbook pro screen (works here):

IntelliJ quick doc on extended screen, which is actually a Late 2012 iMac 27" in TDM mode:

Has anyone ever seen anything like this before ?

I'm pretty sure this is not specific to my using iMac as extended monitor as I've seen this happen on other external monitor as well.

It seems like a bug to me...



Resize the popup using the right bottom corner.


Ughh, all this time, that was all i needed to do. That worked! I did not realize you could resize the quick doc window. :P

That said, i still think it's a minor UI bug that the quick doc is appearing in that way by default on the second monitor... Unless, i accidentally resized it myself long ago without realizing it. But anyway, at least i have a way to fix now. 

Thanx for the quick response Serge! ;)





Ahh k, good to know it was addressed. I'm one behind this version. Will update and give it a try. Thanx again.




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