Refactor of updated maven pom versions


I have a project that updates pom versions weekly. We release weekly, moving from SNAPSHOT to full release.

The maven release plugin works for our released versions, but we have several projects that do not get released via this plugin.


I need to be able to change a pom version, and have that change propogated to all the other projects in the workspace.


I know this can be done in eclipse by refactoring the pom.xml verison. I want to know how to duplicate this functionality in intellij.


TL:DR; If I update my pom version from 2.2-SNAPSHOT to 2.2, I want all pom's that have this project as a dependency to be automatically updated as well, instead of needing to search through every pom to find references.


Define the global version property to be used in all pom.xml files for this dependency and update the value of this property?


That works for child poms to inherit. But I have multiple parent pom's that depend on this getting updated. I'd have to still update manually in each parent pom.xml.

I believe this would be some kind of refactor operation that finds references throughout the project workspace. I know eclipse has this functionality, I'm just looking for how to replicate this behavior.


In this case please submit a feature request at and provide the detailed use case and the desired behavior.


I have created request in hopes of gaining this feature.


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