matplotlib still doesn't seem to work well on Mac OS

After becoming attached to PyCharm CE and understanding it reasonably, I discover that the advertised Matplotlib support is pretty darn flaky. So I'm now faced with a choice between using multiple IDEs (all the other have problems too), or going back to Matlab (at least there is now a cheaper Home Edition). Sigh. The lack of activity on the Pycharm forum isn't reassuring either.

Here are the problems. First, after a little experimentation, I discovered that the MacOs backend it extremely slow when dealing with a plot which has many points. Qt4Agg solves this problem. Then I discovered that you have be very careful with execution modes to get a plot at all. Running from console interactively, command by command, things seem to work. And in debug mode, you can get a plot if you set breakpoints both before AND after the plot command. But that is about it. Try just running a script with a plot in it. Good luck.

This is frustrating because I suspect it would not be hard to fix if sufficient attention were paid to it. I would even pay for it - some sort of "Pycharm Home Edition" for $50 would be well worth it. But if we get into $200 territory then I might as well get Matlab Home Edition. A shame - I've gotten to like Python as a language. But I learned long ago that productivity is all about the development environment. Python has a long way to go in this area. PyCharm could be a huge part of this, but not without a better support conduit.


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Hi Andrew, thanks for your feedback.

 Your problem looks like a known issue:, please follow it for updates. See if you are not familiar with YouTrack.

Also feel free to comment the issue, the assignee will receive notification about it.

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Thanks for the reply. I see that the YouTrack issue is pretty recent, so there is some hope of fixing it. I will see if I can post some specifics there that might help.


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