Ask for Default folder when installing IntelliJ IDEA


When IntellJ make installation in a folder, it uses by default for all JAR and projects, maven, this kind of folder:


which is painful because it's better to separate the Data with Windows install.


Is it possible to ask the User the default root folder for all dependencies, it allows a clear localization of the folder and easier reinstall ?


(I can do it manually, but this is better if specified).


Kind regards





That would be an extra question during install. Most users should be fine with the default location for IDE folders. In case it has to be changed, refer to


To make easier:

 Is it possible to show the default location of the library (JAR,...)  in the install process: (bottom on one screen)

       1) For most users, nothing to change.... 

        2) For the one who want to change, they can change it....


3) One need to copy paste manually when we change the whole folder:

     Might be easier through IDE (change the folder in IDE ---> IDE take care of the copy into new folder....)


ason:  Sometimes we download JAR without maven, manually and put into a folder for JAR,

it's better to regroup the JAR into a same simple folder


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