IDEA should not default to asking for root password


I'm a sysadmin who was asked to install IDEA Community Edition on some multi-user GNU/Linux systems, and having done so I have a couple of comments on the experience.

1. When I start IDEA for the first time and press "Skip All and Set Defaults" it prompts for the root password.  The users who are going to use this don't have root access and they should not be being asked for the root password.  This is mainly because of the "Create Desktop Entry" stage of the initialisation dialogue, which has "For all users" selected by default.  In my opinion, this should not be selected.  If a user (who does have root access) wants to select this himself, that's fine, but it should not be the default.  (Besides, as sysadmin I've already installed the desktop entry, and it still asks regardless.)

2. In the Create Launcher Script dialogue, I am sometimes asked for the root password even if I have write access to the location I've specified.  This is bad.  Moreover, the launcher script that it creates has my home directory hard-coded into it, so it should certainly not be placed in /usr/local/bin or anywhere that needs root access.  It should be placed somewhere away from other users (perhaps in $HOME/bin).

3. I note that in order to support this launcher script, IDEA is accepting connections on port 6942 of localhost.  This is insecure: on a multi-user machine, anyone who can log in can send a command to my instance of IDEA by making their own copy of the launcher script with the obvious edits.

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Thanks for the feedback, I've moved it to the issue tracker which is a better place for such reports, please follow for updates:


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