Intellij as PHP/Js + Java selenium tests IDE



I'm here to ask for Your opinion about using Intellij as PHP, HTML, CSS, JS + Java selenium IDE.

Few months ago i asked question here:  

From this question I learned to create "Empty php project" in Intellij and then adding java module. This way i was able to work as PHP dev (80% of my work time) and creating selenium tests (creating basic test success path is part of devs responsibilities) in single IDE. It was a great time, i was so happy when i discovered that i dont have to switch to eclipse just to write tests. But right now time came to buy license and i'm not sure if I should choose PhpStorm or IntelliJ.

Most important question is: is there any reason why using IntelliJ with PHP plugin is not the best idea? Latest PHP plugin updates are not problem for me since my company uses php 5 and for now everything works just fine in IntelliJ. They say that IJ is polyglot IDE but to be honest sometimes i just can tell that it was build mainly for java. That's why it bothers me. Simple example: file -> Project structure -> Project -> Project SDK. What SDK? Project was created as PHP and main module is php. SDK is used in my java selenium module and that's great but for php modules this input shouldnt eaven exist.

Another question: lets say that i will buy both PhpStorm (for php and other web languages) and IntelliJ for java selenium tests. Can both of them have .idea directory and own settings in project root? So if i open phpstorm i will have php project with all it's setting and if i open IntelliJ i will have java project with java settings?

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IntelliJ IDEA should be fine for your tasks. If you keep .idea in different locations, you will be able to work with the project at the same time in IDEA and in PhpStorm.


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