Debug - Watch variables not synced with execution

Please look at the attached partial screen dump.

The 'Variables' match somewhat with the execution step, although @subt should be a SubTransaction, not a SubBundle as shown.

The @attributes under @subb (which is a SubBundle) are correct.
The @attributes under @subt (not shown here) show that it is not a SubTransaction, but a SubBundle - exactly the same as @subb

In the 'Watches' window, the attributes of @subb show that it is really a SubTransaction and not a SubBundle (which it should be). In fact, the attributes in the Watch window show that @subb is actually the @subt which should be shown in the 'Variables' window.


:-) I don't expect you to follow along too closely. Just accept the fact that there seems to be a sync problem between the variables and watches shown as one steps through the execution using the debugger step commands. Occasionally, things are properly synced.

Is it possible to get it to sync more often?

(I'm sorry I don't have a smaller test application to illustrate the problem).



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