Would be good to have line scroll on console/logger window

Frequently I acquire long scroll rolls in the console/logger window.

Scrolling through a big roll, I have two options - grab the thumb and move it up and down, or click on the scroll space above or below the thumb.

If I am looking at a few lines that are half on and half off the viewport, the scroll space click only gives me half of what I want. If I try to move the thumb, it is very sensitive - a few mouse ticks cause the viewport to move too far. The longer the log, the worse this problem is.

If the little arrows could be added to the console/logger windows scroll bar, this would allow one-line-at-a-time scrolling. This would be perfect.


Bob G

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Hi Bob,

You may place a caret there and use up/down keys. Does it help?

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Yes, thanks much. It does the trick.


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