[ANN] - generate toString() plugin v4.0.0


Just released v4.0.0 This is the first release that supports IDEA 7.x only.
Note: Older v3.27 is to be discontinued (will do released based on community request though)

v4.0.0 for IDEA 7.x (3-may-2007)
- Plugin migrated to IDEA 7.x.Thanks a lot to Bas Leijdekkers for initial port of plugin to IDEA 7.
- Open source (Apache 2.0 license). Hosted at google code. Join if you want to.
- Version number using Apache style.

About this plugin
Adds a new action 'toString()' in the generate menu (alt + ins). The action generates a toString() method that dumps the classes fields. Java body code is generated using Velocity Macro and you can change this to fit your needs. The plugin has it's own settings (ctrl + alt + s). Full documentation included (Click hyperlink from Settings).


It is not showing in the plugin manager for 7.0M1a


Norris, what IDEA build ver. is 7.0M1a?

The plugin uses:
<idea-version since-build="6913"/>

So you might either have to wait for Jetbrains to release a new milestone on a newer build.



v4.0.1 released that has a lower since-build so it should be visible from 7.01Ma. Let me know if you can see it now.


I see it now. Thank you so much. I missed this plugin.


Yes I have to agree, I really missed it too -- thanks for the update.

Didn't realize just how much I relied on this gem before it was gone!


Thank you for releasing a version that works with 7! I did not realize how much I used this plugin until it wasn't available!


Thanks for the update! It was a great plugin


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