Where is "Add Remote" for a Python SDK? (IDEA with Python plugin)


I use Intellij IDEA Ultimate 14.1.4 with the Python plugin.  According to this documentation page, I should be able to configure a Remote interpreter:

Having Intellij (not PyCharm), I click Project Structure > Platform Settings : SDKs > '+' > Python SDK.  A little menu appears with two options "Add Local" and "Create Virtualenv."  In contrast, the above doc page shows a third option: "Add Remote."  I can get the same result by clicking for a New Python SDK under Project Structure > Project Settings > Project > Project SDK: New, or Project Structure > Modules > Dependencies > Module SDK: New.  No option for "Add Remote."  Is it gone?

I also looked into Python Remote Debug (aka Debug Server), described here:
But that doesn't work for me either because the remote vm can't reach the Intellij on my local laptop due to inbound firewall rules beyond my control.  (I can ssh to the remote vm, but the remote vm can't reach my local box on any port.)

The only other related discussion I've seen is here:
That is from 2013 and apparently in Intellij IDEA Ultimate 12.0.2 the Add Remote option was available.

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Please check that you didn't disable Remote Hosts/SSH plugins: http://www.jetbrains.com/idea/webhelp/enabling-and-disabling-plugins.html .

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Thank you Serge!  After enabling the SSH Remote Run plugin, now I can do Add Remote.  This is a terrific feature.

FYI, the remote sdk is a virtualenv.  When I pip install things over there, I have to Invalidate Caches and Restart for Intellij to notice.


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