Grails 3 Isn't Working in Latest EAP

I tried to create a Grails 3 plugin using the editor and it failed with the message: Error: Could not find or load main class

I created the plugin manually on the command line, but when I opened it in the editor there was no option to add framework support for Grails.

Is there any way to successfully create and manage a Grails 3 project using the current EAP? If not will there be full-support for Grails 3 in the near future? I need to upgrade some older Grails projects and want to continue using IntelliJ as my editor, so it would be helpful to know if I should wait for full Grails 3 support or compromise and continue developing with an older version. Any help is appreciated!

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Grails 3 support is not available yet, please follow for updates.


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