Questions About User Interface In 15.0.3


1) I am running dual monitor with IJ maximized on the left one. IJ doesn't seem to remember its maximized or unmaximized state when the workspace is shut down or start up. Everytime IJ starts up, the frame or the bezel of the workspace is bigger than the maximized window state and so it overflows onto my second monitor. Bug?

2) The Run/Debug tool windows are not consistent between "Run/Debug" in TEST and SERVER. When running tests, the column of icons sits on the right side of the console. When running the server, the column of icons sits in between the thread panel and the console. Is this intentional?

3) When I add an artifact in TomCat server, the focus goes to the left Run/Debug configurations tree. Is this intentional? I would like it so that as soon as I add an artifact, the focus immediately goes to the "Applicaiton Context" textbox so that I can type in the context afterwards. Is it possible?

4) Can I change or hack the taskbar icon that IJ uses? I don't know if its because of the contrast/brightness of my monitor or not. The black IJ logo with the red and blue behind it hurts my eyes. Its reminiscent of those 90's red/blue anaglyph glasses. It has this blurry effect that is distracting and causes my eyes to refocus everytime I glance down at my taskbar.

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2. Yes.

3. Request is welcome at .

4. You can try replacing icons in the resources jar.


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