Working with SVN and Git in parallel


i need to work on different university projects with SVN. This means i get some basic projectstructures, write the requested code (in a team) and commit it for review.
The catch is that only one of the team members has the login credentials for this repo (they are the same as the official universal login credentials...). So we can't use it to work in a team. (This reale is as stupid as it sounds.)

So i want to use Bitbucket or GitHub for the teamwork in parallel to the SVN directory.

I can't figure out how to set this up with IntelliJ.

Is it possible, how would i do this (Bitbucket preferred)?

Thanks, Niels

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You can's use 2 different version control systems on the same folder in IntelliJ IDEA. See also .

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I think you are going to need to use a different tool for one of the VCS systems.

  1. setup and use IDEA for SVN operations
  2. use SourceTree (or cmd line) for Git/BitBucket operations

not the clean single-tool solution you are looking for, but due to the way IDEA handles version control internally I think this is your best solution.


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