Cordova project configuration

Just starting with IntelliJ IDEA 15 and am stuck configuring a Cordova project (would like to view/possibly edit this BSD project; files for this projects here):

So far, been following instructions to set up Cordova with IntelliJ IDEA.

Problem: invalid VCS root mapping. I have installed the correct version for my computer of GIT for Windows, and Git.exe located.

But I am getting an error message:

Invalid VCS root mapping

The directory          C:\Users\saratogacoach\Desktop\ehelse-hrmcordovaapp-7930fe4689d7\ehelse-hrmcordovaapp-7930fe4689d7          is registered as a Git root, but no Git repositories were found there.

So, not sure what to do to fix this VCS root mapping and successfully open and work on this project.So far, I've simply deleted the setting. Probably not good. :(

Would appreciate any help setting up needed paths, dependencies correctly, opening it without errors. If possible, I would like to open, edit/customize project, be able to re-build as Android APK.

Thank you for your help.
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Settings | Version Control should contain mappings for the existing Git working copies.

Map any folder in the project that contains .git subfolder to Git.


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