Hiding module path in Project view


I would love to be able to hide the full path that appears on the right of each module.

The only thing that came close was to switch to the Project Files view.

But this isn't really a solution for me because:
    - An extra folder appears below below each module
    - To mitigate the first point I could hide the module by disabling Show Modules but I would prefer to keep it visible
    - Nested modules aren't shown as nested
    - The External Libraries node disappears from the tree

So I would like to ask if this could be added as a feature request and also if it would be technically possible to create a plugin to hide the module path in the Project view.

I could try my hand at it if more experienced people think that this isn't too high a goal for someone with zero experience in developing an IntelliJ IDEA plugin.
Also any hint for this particular case, i.e. where to start looking in IDEA sources, would truly be appreciated.

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