I found a file

$ more .idea/fileTemplates/internal/Haskell.java
* Created by IntelliJ IDEA.
* User: ${USER}
* Date: ${DATE}
* Time: ${TIME}
package ${PACKAGE_NAME};
public haskell ${NAME} { }

I did not add it manually. Any idea where it is from? Is this file part of the JetBrain plug-in for Haskell?  

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Templates with Schema set to Project are stored inside the project instead of IDE settings.

Most likely, this template was added by a plug-in or by a user who created the project.

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I deleted the file Haskell.java.  And to my suprise, after a few minutes, when I do 'git status` before committing, it shew up again. I deleted it again and restarted, and it has not reappeared after about ten minutes. In Plugins menu, I have an IntelliJ-Haskell installed.  Is there any telling if that is being creating this file?

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Disable the plug-in and check.


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