Sharing project between IntelliJ and Android Studio


I have an IntelliJ license and I'd like to use Intellij to work on an android project which was created for Android Studio and which has its project files imported into git.

I'm currently using IntelliJ 15 EAP and while it nicely opens the Android Studio project, it also changes the .iml file, .idea/gradle.xml and .idea/misc.xml. Obviously I'm reluctant to commit these changes as that might break Android Studio or it might just be plain annoying as I'm sure Android Studio would just change it back.

This means that I can't have a clean working copy.

What do you suggest?

* also use Android Studio (Why? I already have Intellij)
* downgrade to non-EAP intellij (what happens when Android Studio updates)
* exclude the files in question from revision control (seems unwise especially for the .iml file).

What should I do?


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I'd exclude the conflicting files. As the project is Gradle based, it can be imported from Gradle in IDEA and in Android Studio.


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