Problem running node with maven inside IntelliJ

Hi all,

I have a problem with my project. I have a pom.xml that runs some node.js task (grunt, bower). I have Ubuntu instaled in my laptop, and I instaled node.js via nvm. When I  maven clean install from the console everything runs ok, but when I do the same inside IntelliJ, I get the following error: "/usr/bin/env: node : File or directory does not exist". I also installed node.js plugin in IntelliJ, but sitll getting same error.

Any help?

Thank you in andvance for your comments.


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How did you add node binary to your PATH so that it works from the terminal? It could be that IDEA doesn't see the same environment as terminal, so it can't find node as PATH is different.

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Thank you for your answer Serge.

I don't add my node binary to PATH, so I guess it has to be something by default in IDEA. I have to try something in the direction that you suggest me.

Thanks again.


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