Remote Deploy, Execute and Debug in IntelliJ

This might be an easy one for some of you. But I am completely puzzled.

I have an Application with a normal "main(args)" method. I want to deploy the JAR with its dependencies to a remote server, execute it and (if possible) also be attach a debugger. Although I searched the documentation, I cannot see how this should work. There is a remote-profile in 'Debug Configurations" dialog, but it does not let me pick what application I actually want to run. How to go about this? How do I have to prepare the remote machine (install what software) to make this work?


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Just Google for "Java remote debug" and you'll find a lot of tutorials and guides. It's not IDE dependent.

You can create an executable jar of your app from IDEA, move this jar to another machine, then run it there with the options suggested by IDE in the Remote Run/Debug configuration, then execute Remote debug and it will connect to the app running on another machine.


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