"Import Database Schema" issues after upgrading to Intellij2016



I noticed 2 issues in the "Import database Schema" tool after upgrading to Intellij2016 from Intellij14:

1) Object filter set in the "Data source and drivers" dialog doesn't apply in the "Import database Schema" window anymore. This is pretty annoying since I'm dealing with a large Oracle database and it always takes minutes to show the complete list of tables

2) Default Column -> Field mapping is not consistent. For instance: VARCHAR2 columns are mapped into java.lang.Object fields and NUMBER columns into java.lang.Byte fields by default. This causes me to manually change each field to the correct Java Object.

Below the information about my version

IntelliJ IDEA 2016.1.2
Build #IU-145.972, built on May 14, 2016

Hope you can help me with these issues.

Thanks in advance

Andrea Mauro

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