Installing IntelliJ IDEA

I have installed this software and tried to create a project.

However it is asking for a valid SDK.

I have the SDK associated with NetBeans and Android Studio (the worst software I have used to date by the way) and I have installed

None of these are regarded as a valid SDK by IntelliJ IDEA.

So can some one PLEASE tell me what this software is expecting PRECISELY with a precise location for the download.

Nothing on the various IntelliJ IDEA help pages is of any help what so ever. Insufficient precise details for a newby who has just started with android apps and java in general.

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OK, but that site is for the Android Studio package. Which I have tried and hate!

Is just the SDK package sufficient? Surely I don't have to install the whole Android Studio package?

And which folder inside the sdk are you supposed to point IntelliJ at? I have tried browsing to the android SDK folder and IntelliJ rejects it as invalid.

Although I am still installing stuff from the SDK manager as I type.

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You should have mentioned that you are developing for Android.

In this case you need both Java SDK and Android SDK. For Java SDK specify the root installation folder, for Android SDK also specify the directory where SDK was installed. You must run SDK Manager first and download the actual Android platforms you will be developing for.

You can find the documentation here: .


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