GroupLayout Support

How come IDEA does not support GroupLayout?

Designing GUIs with anything else is a real pain in the rear.

When I am desigining something I have 2 major requirements:

  1. I can put what I want where I want
  2. When I run it, it looks the same as when I am designing it

No other layout manager fulfils these requirements and it is the main reason that I still have Netbeans on my computer.

There is also an eclipse based GUI designer that supports GroupLayout.
It can even parse the code to create it without the *.form files!

How come IDEA does not support GroupLayout?


I did search YouTrack before posting. Maybe the backlog was filtered out.

Its a shame that it doesn't look like it will be supported because the IDEA designer looks quite nice.
However, I never use it  because of the lack of support for GroupLayout and just disable the plugin. :(

Back to Netbeans matisse it is!


The JFormDesigner plug-in ( for IntelliJ IDEA supports GroupLayout nearly the same way as NetBeans does. It can also convert NetBeans forms to JFormDesigner forms.


I agree with Karl. If you want a good GUI designer (for IDEA), try his
JFormDesigner plug-in (or standalone - no need for Netbeans any more).



The only problem is that plugin requires an extra licence and I'm a cheapo :)


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