Command+F10, F11, and F12 keys stopped working

OS X 10.10.3
Java 1.6
IntelliJ 14.1.4

Would anyone know why command+f10-f12 might just suddenly stop working in IntelliJ? I can't even assign them to new actions. I looked for a keyboard shortcut conflict in System Preferences, and I also tried to shut down every other app except for IntelliJ, but I can't get these keys to work. I know it's something in my environment because these keys work just fine on my other computer running the same versions of OS X and IntelliJ.

BTW, adding the Shift key works, and I was able to reassign the keyboard shortcut for "File Structure" from command+F12 to shift+command+F12.


Does it work in other Java Swing applications such as JEdit or NetBeans?

Try running JDK 1.8 build from and see if it works.


I downloaded the JDK 1.8 build and gave that a try, but it doesn't work there either. I've also since discovered that I cannot assign these key combinations in Apple Logic Pro X either, so it's definitely something screwed up in my environment. Weird.

Thanks for the suggestions.


See if it works from a new user account.


Same behavior from a newly created user account.


I think I found the culprit - it's the control panel software for a new audio interface I just installed. It doesn't have a full menu like most Mac apps so I had no idea that it was taking over these keyboard shortcuts.

Thanks very much for your suggestions.


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