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I've been using Android Studio for about a month now and today, kinda all of the sudden it started performing really slowly. When I'm typing in AS the fan spins up and performance slows down. Keystrokes aren't displayed for almost a second sometimes. I have about 40 sub-projects in my gradle build and it has been this way for weeks now. I did update to the latest stable version on Monday, so I'm on 1.2.2. I was an Intellij user at my previous job so I don't have my notes on how I reconfigured my system to handle these kinds of issues (they're in the old inbox at former company).

I'm on XUbuntu Linux 15.04, the machine is a fast Quad Core i7. I'm using OpenJDK 8 as my JVM for AS. I've set studio.vmoptions as follows:


Just out of curiosity. This is a farily large Android project. Is Intellij better suited for these kinds of systems than Android Studio? Currently AS seems to be meeting our needs (thought some Gradle things could be better). We don't have big database issues yet and our development is just in Java and Groovy at this point. I guess I'm just wondering if continuing to use the free version of AS is going to cause us to hit a big roadblock in the future.

Thanks, Derek

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Refer to . File performance problem at and provide your CPU snapshot file name that you have uploaded to FTP.

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I was not able to add this line to the studio64.vmoptions file without Intellij hanging on startup:

I downloaded and installed the your-kit profiler and then had it install the plugin into AS. I verified that the plugin is there and enabled. However there is no file called yjpagent for me to copy into the IDE bin directory. I tried copying the yjp.jar file into the IDE bin directory but that made no difference and AS would hang on startup if I have the agentlib line uncommented.

I was able to get better perforrmance from AS by increasing the MaxPermSize to 2048 in the studio64.vmoptions. Is this normal for a system with about 40 modules (gradle sub-projects)?


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You need IDEA Ultimate or profile via profiler UI as described in the document for IDEA Community Edition.


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