couldn't find OSGi bundle dependency

I have declared a OSGi bundle as a dependency in pom.xml, like


but in the 'Module Settiings' dialog, IDEA reports a problem, like

Library Maven: has broken classes path:
     [MVN_REPO_PATH]\foo\bar\foo-bar\0.1.0\foo-bar-0.1.0.bundle [Fix]

Why IDEA cannot recognise the OSGi bundle format?

The plugin 'maven-bundle-plugin' has been configured in pom.xml:


If '<type>bundle</type>' removed, then everything is OK, but what if the 3rd-party OSGi dependency bundle has '<type>bundle</type>' in its pom.xml ?

P.S. the above-mentioned problem has not been appeared in Eclipse IDE which can understand '<type>bundle</type>'.

The problem has troubled me for a long time, and any one knows how to fix it?  Thanks very much.

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