Stop project structure change (When Maven project structure change ) dialog

I am working in a project and it has number of Maven sub modules. Each sub module inherit from parent project and it manage all the dependencies among the sub modules.
When I select sub module from maven project structure, idea will update its project structure itself but when I deselect the module, maven project structure successfully change
but idea popup a dialog which asking ,

"These modules have been removed from maven structure

Do you want to be remove from the project too"


Obviously I need to change the project structure (Yes)

After selecting YES , Idea will again pop-up message for each module separately,

"Do you want to shedule the following file for deletion from subversion "


So i don't need to delete the from Subversion ...

This popup message is really bothering me,
Are there any method to skip these popup messages and synchronize the idea project structure as I wanted (Without deleting from subversion).

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Click "No" and enable "Remember, don't ask again" checkbox for Subversion dialog?


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