FTP on large project


i often have to work on larger Projects - different projects.
Often I have to download at first the whole project.
If there are many files (jquery, bootstrap - tinymc , typo3) - they have munch files - it will take a long time.

My workarout is, to put a php on it, that packs all files into a tar - Archiv. Then I download it.

It would be very nice, if Jetbrains Intellij could do that for me.
I know, that's not so easy, because we don't know, how the server will word (is there "php exec"? is there 'tar exec?' memory-limit and so on.
But it would be very cool, if ther is an option like "try to get directory xy via tar".

Or maybe this is something to write in a plugin.


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There is a better solution for Unix systems: rsync.

By the way, we already do soemthing like that for remote Python/Ruby interpreters support when IDE runs a script on remote system via SSH, packs files there and then transfers them back via SSH to the system where IDE is running.

Related feature request: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/WI-473 .


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