Strange spacing / selection behavior after upgrading to Yosemite

Fully updated, all custom plugins disabled, invalidated caches and restart, but still having the same issue.  

Everything looks great on loading, but then spaces all show up after "." in javascript files.  If you select the block, the extra space goes away.  Also, just clicking around anywhere in the text displays some wierd cursor behavior: text is squished, overlaps, etc.  See images.

home_client_controller_js_-_carthage_-____workspace_carthage_ 3.png
home_client_controller_js_-_carthage_-____workspace_carthage_ 2.png

For the benefit of others out there, I seem to have resolved the issue. Unfortunately, it appears jdk1.7.0_45.jdk on Yosemite & IDEA do not play well when handling fonts or some other part of rendering in text panes.  I upgraded to jdk1.8.0_45.jdk and the problems went away completely.  I also edited "/Applications/IntelliJ IDEA" and changed "JVMVersion" to "1.8+".  The IDE is now usable again.


Please see . Fonts issue is mentioned there. Also check this document to know why editing Info.plist is a bad thing.

If you want to run under JDK 1.8, we recommend our custom JDK 1.8 bundles instead of the stock Oracle JDK: .


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