Always view code in one format, save in another

This is a feature request from a long time Idea user. It would be incredibly helpful if Idea had an option to always show your files formatted according to your local code formatting rules, but always save files in a different format. This is essentially 2 automatic Code/Reformat Code calls. Why? Because code formatting is a bit of a religious topic and people have strong views. Developers usually feel their preferred formatting makes them more productive. If you work on open source projects, each one often has their own code styles -- some even fail the build if you violate the styles. This option would allow developers to always deal with their preferred code formatting, but adhere to whatever standards their project has.

I realize there's several edge cases here where this gets tricky. You probably only want to save the reformatting for lines that have actually been changed just so source control doesn't show a bunch of changes that were merely automatic format changes.

This is being flagged as "not a question". I wasn't aware discussions needed to be questions. Regardless, here's my question: where should I post this to become a feature request?

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If it weren't for the date on your post, I'd swear you were sitting in my office listening to a discussion I had with two co-workers!  In fact, I came to the forum today specifically to look for existing questions or requests like this!

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serge wrote:

This feature request is already logged at .

I would like to upvote that request, but I have no vote button, and when I try to comment, I get this:



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