Adding a new dependency in pom.xml


Windows 7 Professional. IDEA: 14.0.3, Ultimate Edition 139.1117

I can't believe I am having difficulties with this.

1. I have a pom.xml that I successfully import as a project in IDEA using File -> Import Project. Now, I want to add a new aMaven dependency (hibernate-entitymanager) in it. Naturally, I open pom.xml in the editor and try adding in <dependencies>, the following <dependency>:

Note that the cursor jumps between <artifactId> tags and not the <groupId> tags. This is the first annoyance.

2. Many of the dependencies are already in ~/.m2, and I expected it to do code completion. So, after placing the cursor between groupId tags, I expect it to complete the code and here is what I see:

3. I have to add the entire text all by myself. Only after I have added the snippet (or copied+pasted from someplace like does it proceed.
4. So, my question is, how do I make IDEA recognize pom.xml better and help me quickly adding dependencies? Am I missing something basic?

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Please check .

There may be some issue with Maven process invokation, check idea.log for errors: .

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Thank you, Serge.

But my issue persists (with no results, no matter what I do), as shown here:

There's nothing in idea.log other than:

2015-03-24 16:02:00,426 [111784253]   INFO - indexing.UnindexedFilesUpdater - Indexable files iterated in 31 ms
2015-03-24 16:02:50,745 [111834572]   INFO - indexing.UnindexedFilesUpdater - Indexable files iterated in 38 ms

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Please conyact support via with the full idea.log and a sample project to reproduce.

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Here's the project to which I was trying to add the hibernate dependencies:


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