Renaming methods causes an annoying freeze in 14.0.3

Hi everyone,
I've noticed lately that the performance of renaming a method has gotten worse. If I press SHIFT+F6 when the caret is on a method IDEA freezes up for a noticeable amount of time, then after I write the new name and press ENTER it freezes up again. After that everything returns to normal.
Three things to mention:

  1. I tried tailing the log, I see nothing is written
  2. During the freeze IDEA doesn't show anything is running at the bottom toolbar
  3. If I cancel the rename (by pressing ESC) and then rename that same method again, it is instantenous and there's not freeze

Anyone else has this? Is it solveable?


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Seems to be fine now, thanks a lot!
And kudos on the new name-suggestion dialog when renaming a method :)



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