Issue with Android and "text" substitiution

I am using intellij 10.0.3 and I also have the commerical edtion as well.

but in the community edition....

I'm writing an Android app.
Lets say the activity is all done.

This activity has a few text widgets and a button.
Code works great, no issues.

I go and move the "Start" button from the left side to the right and then
run the app.

The text of the button "Start" is being fetched out of a textWidget that i don't even enter any data in.

This is the second time this has happened to me. I had to delete the widgets and re-do my UI and
now it's back.

I did an Invalidate Cache / Restart and still it appears.

Is this an Android issue or is it IntelliJ?

Any idea what it is?

Thanks Al

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Mac OS 10.10.2 by the way

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Any reason to use so old IDEA version?

Can you try 14.1 EAP and see if it has the same problem: ?
IDEA 14.0.3 has a known issue with Android resources generation, so I'm not suggesting to try it.

If the issue remains, please provide a sample project illustrating the problem and the exact steps to reproduce.

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Opps. I typoed the version. Sorry. It's 14.0.3

When I launch the Comminity Edtion the Version is 14.0.3 (Check updates says I have the latest.)

I switched to the Ultimate version and that is also 14.0.3. (No updates avaialble)

I'm not seeing it though I started to change UI again.

I'll stay in the Ultimate for now and if it comes up I'll try and let you know what the steps are.

Like I said. All I did was drag a button from the left side of the activity and place it on the right.
After that I can't determine what the problem is and I have to delete the widgets in question and
start over.


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Please check , it may be related.

For Android projects it's recommended to use 14.0.2 or 14.1 from .


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