Complications on Mac OSX 10.10.2

Started using Intellij 14 yesterday after my final straw with Eclipse. I am currently a college student so my search for another compiler is urgent. I like Intellij's potential, however I face so many issues with it that I'm about ready to pull the plug.

1. Switching classes, opening up a previous class, or opening a newly created class causes my first click of the mouse/track pad highlight a character with a solid blinking caret box. Pressing space, delete, arrow keys, does nothing but highlight text. If I type, it will spaz out and suddenly highlight half my code and replace it with random letters. Right before writing this, it took half my code and wrote exactly 9 e's over it. I have no idea where it came from. Normally to get out of this highlighting, I tap my 'a' key two times. Sometimes this does not work. I have seen information about some 'iBus' program. But I have no idea where this is to change the code to remove Intellij from it's preferences. I honestly don't believe I have it.

2. Intellij 14 refuses to connect to a private repository.

3. The tabs at the top of my tools bar because locked. I cannot change tabs. Clicking does nothing. I have to restart and reopen my project. I'm lucky if I make it another 5-15 minutes so this doesn't happen.

4. Clicking and beginning to write code (When I bypass the #1 issue) will randomly begin performing a comment I presume? It's written in a text box above the event's/console/whatever I may have at the bottom, window.

It's been over 29 hours of searching online sources, finding help, testing new preferences and settings trying to fix this. I cannot find a solution. I hope someone may be able to help. I've wasted so much time already with this compiler.

Thank you.

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Please attach idea.log ( that would include IDE startup.

Do you have any third-party applications listed at System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Accessibility?

Can you reproduce the problem in other IDEA screen modes: presentation mode, full screen mode?

Please check if the issue can be reproduced with the Community Edition from .

Do you have any third-party apps installed that can affect your mouse/keyboard behavior?

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Thank you for your reply. Here is the most recent log. Should have plenty on it as I've been trying to learn Java as quickly as I can. Should have plenty of information. I had 5 logs.

I have two accesibility programs allowed: TeamSpeak, and Wolfram(Calculus program).

No I do not have any keyboard or mouse applications/programs. I have a standard wireless Microsoft Mouse, and my laptop trackpad/keyboard.
No, using the trackpad or mouse does not produce different results.

I'm running on a mid-2012 Macbook Pro Retina.

Here is a screenshot of a prentation mode, along with the blinking highlighted box I talked about in #1. It's highlighting the 'd' in void in that picture. I will try the community version next.

Also, ignore the crazy code. Intellij made a mess of things while I was attempting every preference.

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 7.17.14 PM.png
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Also should have noted that the theme is Oblivion, and this did not cause the actions. I've had this problem since the first start up.

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Thank you! This did fix my problem with the highlighting caret. Hopefully the remainder I can solve on my own. That was my biggest issue.


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