Questions about the "Changed Files" tool window

I recently upgraded to IntelliJ IDEA 14 (from 13.1), and I don't like the UI redesign of the "Changed Files" tool window. Is there a way to revert this back to the way it looked in v13?

Specifically, what I don't like is:

  1. Since the tool window is now combined with the "Project" tool window, I can't have both open at the same time, and switching between them is more of a hassle because now it takes 2-3 clicks: clicking to show the tool window, then clicking the dropdown arrow, then clicking on the other type (i.e. Changed Files or Project).
  2. The tool window's mini-toolbar has disappeared, so there is no longer an "Expand all" option. This button was really handy to see a quick list of all the files I've changed locally.

Please help me find a way to revert this tool window back to how it worked in IDEA 13, or show me what I'm missing with the above 2 concerns. Thanks in advance!
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Please try Version Control tool window, Local Changes tab.

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Ah, ok I see it now. That looks just like it did before. Thanks for your help!


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