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I am trying to register a recent install of IntelliJ IDEA 13.0.2
I select Help->Register and enter my username and license key, but the Ok button never enables so that registration can be completed.
Is this a version that cannot be licensed?

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btw.  This is Mint 16 Cinnamon running within Oracle VM Virtual Box should that make a difference.

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No, if a build cannot be licensed, its Register menu item is disabled. The behavior you observe means that something is incorrect in entered user name or key. Please follow up:

Don't hesitate to comment if the problem persists.


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Help->Register is completely disabled for me. I have 2018.2 EAP. Installed with snap on Ubuntu. Why is there no documentation on how to activate the product??

I have bought a licence but my installation still relies on trial licence that will soon expire. All the the documentation I can find on these issues is completely useless. The behavior seems to have changed multiple times.

How do I go about activating Intellij Ultimate with a licence I've already bought?? This shouldn't be a mystery.

Edit: Ok, so I finally found the article telling me that it's not possible to activate EAP:

Edit2: Can you please make the fact that activation is disabled for EAP somewhat clearer in documentation and when you download/install it?


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