IntelliJ IDEA is trying to create a desktop file in root folder for individual user and also requesting to user password during installation



I am trying to install IntelliJ IDEA on my Fedora 23 KDE box.

During default setup I choose to not create desktop file for all users. Meaning a desktop file would be created in ~/.local/share/applications. Instead I was given an option to install in /usr/local/bin/idea. I changed that option to above mentioned location which falls under user's home directory.

I move forward in the default installation and it starts asking for admin password. Even though it shows that it is being installed in the home directory.

Previously IntelliJ IDEA would simply install in the home directory, install desktop file in home directory, and require no password.

Are these bugs or intentional changes.


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Rather bugs (see e.g.

Since 2016.2, IDEA no longer asks for root password by default.

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Is 2016.2 version out? Where can I get it? Is it stable version?


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