Invalid source release: 1.7

This error is driving me mad. Upon opening Intelli J 11 today I started my usual work and eveything was fine. Then the make starting throwing this error "Invalid source release: 1.7" when I haven't changed any of the settings X-( I've spent an hour now trying to change any settings referring to the compiler version and can't seem to fix it. My sdk version is 1.7, so is the language level and my JAVA_HOME points to the the Java 7 JDK. I have no extra options in my compiler or maven runner.

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Please provide all compiler settings (especially additional command line options for javac) and information about your _project_ jdk and, if applicable, module JDKs. Please note that these are not JDKs IDEA itself runs on, nor the JDK JAVA_HOME points to. When compiling, for every module IDEA 11 takes compiler from the JDK that is currently assigned to the module.


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