svn info

In IDEA (7.0M1b), how can I see the Subversion URL for a local file or directory (or see just the path after the repository root), to know what I'm looking at locally and find out where in the repository my changes will go when I commit them? This is important when working on a branch.

I can do `svn info` from the command line, but isn't there some way within IDEA? This seems so fundamental that it's probably right under my nose, but I can't find it.


I've only found one way to know it : In the project explorer, right click on the item you want info about and select "Subversion>Browse Changes".

For performance , select recent changes only, and you will see in the header of the tab that opens what is the svn path for the item you selected.

(Answer - use Selena and "switched files" functionality.)


Thanks, that'll work. I overlooked that path.


I'm using Selena 6833 (7.0M1b), but I don't see that functionality. I guess it's in more recent versions. I'll look for it when I upgrade.


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