IntelliJ does not find the jaxb generated sources


I am using IntelliJ12 UltimateEdition on my OSX computer.

I have a multi-module project, which has one jaxb module.

Executing "mvn clean install" works correctly (it creates the jaxb/target/*).

IntelliJ don't find the jaxb generated sources,
and I have to manually go to IntelliJ, select my jaxb module -> Open Module Settings ->
and select the "target/generated/sources" as "Sources" and remove "target/" from "Excluded".

then it works fine.
however, i need to do this every time I make a "mvn clean install".

It seems that the problem is with the name of the folder.
my "mvn clean install" generates "target/generated/sources"
and IntelliJ expects to find "target/generated-sources/" (note the '-' instead of '/').

do you know what could be the problem?
also, going to IntelliJ and clicking on "Maven -> Generate sources and Update Folders For All Projects",
creates a directory "target/generated/resources" where it gets all the XSD files
but it does not create the target/generated/sources, nor target/generated-sources.

This works fine with IntelliJ on Windows, but it fails on my OSX.

OS: Mac OS X
JDK: JDK 1.6.0
IDEA: 12.0
Build: IU-123.94

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Hello Daved,
Please, attach sample project.
Sorry for delay.

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I am having a similar problem.

For several versions of IntelliJ every time I did a clean install the generated source directory was set correctly.

With the latest 2016 version, the source directory is lost and has to be manually reset.
In fact a source directory nested far down into the generated-source/xjc directory is selected.

This is a copy of the build section of the pom



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Please submit a bug at with a sample project to reproduce.


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