Crashs on SuSE-Linux 10.2

I'm using a SuSE-Linux 10.2 with the standard JDK 1.5.0_10, running IDEA 6.0.5. In the last few hours IDEA sometimes suddenly disappeared when pressing CtrlAlt key combinations (e.g. CtrlAlt+L). First I thought, it might be a problem with with the windows manager (used Gnome before), but the problem also happens with KDE. Since I haven't had such problems on Windows (same machine), I believe, there could be a problem with the JDK.

Does other users also had similar problems?



Although I've could not find hs_err_pid* files (where are they usually stored on Linux?), I give JDK1.6.0_01 a chance.


Crash dumps should be in IDEA_HOME\bin. You can also run IDEA from the terminal, I suspect the problem to be caused by HTMLPreview plug-in which is not compatible with some Linux versions and crashes IDEA with printing X Server errors into the console. Removing this plug-in should fix the problem.


Thanks. It seems to have fixed the often crashes. Please note, that IDEA also crashed when the platform dependent HTMLPreview-stuff was not yet downloaded.


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