Google App Engine + Jersey + IntelliJ Idea

Okay so I'm having some annoying issue here. I am clearly missing something, and already been frustrating myself with this for the last 4-5 hours. I cannot seem to be able to create a simple GAE+Jersey up and running with IntelliJ. The frustrating part is that I do not get any errors, just that the REST service is not present after deployment.

I've tried out a few basic stuff, basically everything you can find on Google (and here). After some frustration I've downloaded this project: Just cause this will list out the available servers, plus the deeper logging level. Now here's the output of the AppEngine startup:

So my problem: The AppEngine is up and running. If I create a basic servlet everyting works fine. However, I cannot get Jersey to work. In every form I could try it always throws an


Problem accessing /jerseyguicesample. Reason: NOT_FOUND

Powered by Jetty://

Any ideas, what I could be missing here? Here's an image of the IDE and the artifact settings:

Thanks, :D

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For others reading this: issue was with the sample having index.html referencing servlet that was not configured in the application, see


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