demoing Ultimate edition, problems with shortcuts

I would like to go deep with Idea Ultimate edition, i found the UML Diagrams being more than amazing,
i have just one problem, i can't use shortcuts inside the UML window;
i followed the cool UML Diagrams tutorial (which was Idea 8 version i think) but no keys are working like Shift + B and so on and if i right click on a diagram i can ADD classes/methods by clicking but i see no shortcuts written, so i presume they're off.
Any ways to activate them??
Thank you in advance,

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Oh, i find in "keymap" -> "shortcut filter" that if i press "SHIFT"  it doesn't seems to work... that must be the problem,
using Linux, but all the other apps works..

That wasn't the problem, Shift works. Still can't have shortcuts on UML diags..


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