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Every time I modify a Maven dependencies and these are updated, the deployed artifact on my Tomcat server starts working unexpectedly, reporting back multiple exceptions when trying to perform any action on the server. I don't know the reason, but I know how to solve it: I have to remove the "old" artifct deployed in the server (under the "Deployment" tag), then I have to go to the Project Structure and remove the existing artifact and add a new "Web Application: Exploded", and finally, add it to the deployment section of the server.

All this is a manual "update" I have to do so the artifact works on the server, but having to do this every time I modify a Maven dependency is really annoying and sometimes when forgetting about doing this can lead me to waste my time trying to figure out where all those sudden exceptions are coming from until I remember I had to do this manual process...

Is there any way this could be automated with IntelliJ?

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Maven Refresh should update the automatically generated artifacts. If it doesn't happen, please submit a bug with a sample project to reproduce at


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